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Backflow Prevention

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Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention in Las Vegas

Choose Pentagon Plumbing, Inc. to Keep Your Plumbing Safe with Testing & Certification

Every commercial building and some residential buildings are all required to have a backflow prevention device installed. Backflow prevention devices are designed only to allow water in your plumbing system to flow in one direction into your building, thus keeping any water that may become contaminated in your plumbing lines from further contaminating the public water supply.

These prevention devices are required by law to be tested and certified by a licensed backflow certification plumber once a year in order to ensure that they will work properly in the event of an emergency. Finding a qualified inspector who can complete this certification check for you is simple: pick up the phone and call the team at Pentagon Plumbing, Inc. for backflow testing and certification in Las Vegas.

Don’t stress about your backflow device—get it repaired by the experts from Pentagon Plumbing, Inc.! Dial (702) 876-5969 now for service in Las Vegas!

What Is a Backflow Device?

Backflow devices are plumbing mechanisms that are designed to close off and prevent a sudden change in pressure from allowing water to flow backward. When water flows backward, any contamination from equipment, fixtures, or other sources located within a building’s plumbing system could then flow back into the public water supply and have a devastating effect on public health and sanitation. Backflow prevention devices are designed to either completely separate incoming water from water within a commercial plumbing system or to mechanically prevent water from flowing backward, usually through a reaction to a sudden change in pressure.

We service all types of backflow prevention devices in Las Vegas:

  • Pressure vacuum breakers
  • Double-check valves
  • Reduced pressure zone assemblies
  • Atmospheric vacuum breaker assemblies

How to Know What Type of Backflow Prevention Device is Best For You?

The type of backflow prevention device you have will vary based on the size and type of building you have and what kind of equipment you use in your building. Heavy water users may have a larger backflow prevention device while smaller commercial spaces or multi-family residential buildings may have smaller devices.

Whatever you may rely on, we offer inspection and certification systems for them all. We can also help with upgrading and modifying your backflow prevention device in order to keep your water safe and your building compliant with plumbing codes and regulations.

How Often Do You Need to Have Your Backflow Prevention Device Tested & Certified?

Backflow prevention devices are important because they stop dirty water from entering our clean drinking water. To ensure they’re working correctly, it’s important to have them checked by a professional every so often. In Las Vegas, most properties need to have their backflow prevention devices checked and certified once a year, but some properties need to have them checked more often. This depends on things like the type of device, how much of a risk the property poses to the water supply and the rules in Las Vegas. You can ask a professional or check with your local water authority to determine how often your property needs to be checked.

Why Choose Us for Backflow Testing in Las Vegas?

Here at Pentagon Plumbing, Inc., each of our commercial plumbing experts has undergone the training and licensing required to offer state-approved backflow testing and certification services so you can get them from a local provider.

We know that getting a Las Vegas backflow test is yet another entry on a long list of things you have to do, so we do everything we can to make the process as fast and simple as possible. We arrive on time for your appointment, run a thorough and dependable check of your system, and report our findings accurately and comprehensively. If your system passes, we certify it and report it as such right away so you can take it off your to-do list. If your system needs to be repaired or serviced, we report what we find to you so you can get it done as soon as possible. Our team even offers comprehensive backflow repair and re-test services so you can make sure your device is compliant at all times!

Contact Las Vegas’s Backflow Repair Experts

Is your backflow prevention device not working properly? Did your device fail your inspection? If you need your device serviced, Pentagon Plumbing, Inc. can help. We offer comprehensive repairs for all types of devices, so you don’t have to stress about getting what you need. Our status as certified inspectors means we can provide you with repairs that will pass your re-test so you can go back to business as usual.

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