Drain Cleaning

D-S Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaner in Las Vegas, NV

All drains cleared to the main. All drains guaranteed for 90 days. ** When a drain is cleared correctly it should stay clean for a long time. When you are having reoccurring stoppages, it is because you have a problem that is not being resolved. Most companies will not guarantee stoppages at all because they do not take the time to clean them properly, we on the other hand take pride in making sure that your drain will work correctly or we will clean it again for free. How can you lose?

**All warranties are subject to following our recommendations.

Drain Vision (Sewer Camera Inspection)
Have your drain lines inspected for damage or roots with our state of the art Drain Vision equipment. Find & eliminate problems before they become a disaster. We have found that having a video inspection of your sewer line will show root intrusion, pipe misalignment, cracked piping or broken fittings. Do not wait until your sewer backs up on a weekend or a holiday, have it inspected today. We are here to help.