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Residential Plumbing Repair & Maintenance

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Residential Plumbing Repair & Maintenance

Comprehensive Service from Pentagon Plumbing, Inc.

If you’re experiencing any type of plumbing problem in Las Vegas, Pentagon Plumbing, Inc. is here to assist you. With decades of experience in the industry, we understand that plumbing issues can afflict any home or business property at any time. Preventive maintenance is one of the most effective ways to reduce or eliminate plumbing problems. However, we know that when these issues strike, they may not occur at the most convenient times. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency service for plumbing repairs.

Signs That You Need Plumbing Repairs

Your plumbing system may not be something you think about often, but below the appliances and fixtures you use on a daily basis is a network of drains and pipes. If any single component stops working properly, the problem can escalate quickly and result in serious damage. Regardless of the plumbing issue you’re experiencing, our highly trained Las Vegas plumbing repair team can get to the bottom of it and provide a professional diagnosis and solution.

You should call for professional plumbing repair if you notice:

  • Backed up toilets
  • Clogged sinks
  • Burst pipes
  • Lack of hot water
  • Slow draining
  • Cracked fixtures
  • Sewage smells in your home
  • Visible water damage

Benefits of Plumbing Maintenance

Don’t wait until your hot water stops working or your toilet overflows to call the professionals. Instead, schedule routine plumbing maintenance in Las Vegas to help keep your plumbing system running at peak efficiency.

At Pentagon Plumbing, Inc., our goal is to save you both the cost and stress involved with an unexpected and expensive plumbing problem. Whether you want to schedule a drain cleaning or a tune-up for your water heater, we can help. We have a wide service area that extends into Arizona!

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