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Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

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Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

High-Quality Garbage Disposal Services Throughout Las Vegas

Garbage disposals have become such a convenience that it’s unusual to find a home without one. When there is a problem with your disposal, it can lead to a disruption in your daily routine. That’s where our Las Vegas plumbers come in.

If you have moved into a home that needs to have a new disposal installed or yours is giving you trouble, turn to Pentagon Plumbing, Inc.. Our expert Las Vegas garbage disposal repair technicians are licensed and insured with years of experience providing outstanding plumbing services.

Garbage Disposal Suddenly Stopped Working?

If garbage disposal suddenly stops working, it will likely lose power. Either the garbage disposal simply has been unplugged, or more likely; it blew a circuit. When a garbage disposal overloads, it causes its reset switch to trip to prevent further damage.

To solve this problem, homeowners should check their home’s circuit breaker to confirm the garbage disposal’s circuit has not been tripped. After that, if the disposal unit still is not working, try pressing the reset button located at the bottom of the device.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Garbage disposals are used on a regular basis – in some homes, on a daily basis. Like any type of mechanical component, your garbage disposal undergoes significant wear and tear that can lead to problems. In some cases, a disposal can also be damaged as a result of objects falling down into them. Although replacement is ultimately inevitable, taking care of your disposal can prolong its life.

You should call our plumbers for garbage disposal repair in Vegas if:

  • Your disposal won’t turn on.
  • Unusual noises
  • Jams
  • Leaks

Why Hire Our Las Vegas Plumbing Service for Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair?

Whether you’ve smelled a strange odor or heard grinding noises while running your disposal, you should not hesitate to call for help. Although there are many projects that you can do yourself, fixing or replacing your garbage disposal isn’t one of them. Doing so involves both plumbing components and electricity – so a mistake can lead to serious injury.

At Pentagon Plumbing, Inc., our Las Vegas plumbing service garbage disposal repair technicians have extensive experience repairing and replacing all makes and models of garbage disposal. Our licensed plumbers can also perform drain cleaning when necessary. Let us restore your disposal to working condition in a timely manner.

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