RPS Installation

If plumbing problems have been plaguing your home then replacement or repiping may be the solution. At Pentagon Plumbing we offer repair/replacement of any plumbing fixtures or any other parts of the plumbing system that have been causing you problems. We can repair or repipe the water lines whether their Copper, PVC and CPVC or Pex. we can, in addition, repair or replace any waste lines whether their made of Cast Iron, PVC, ABS Galvanized or Copper. This repiping services to improve the quality of your water flow and eliminate issues such as water leaks or drain problems.
The team at Pentagon Plumbing is equipped to handle repiping projects large and small. Our prompt, courteous plumbers will be happy to answer any questions you have about repiping and discuss what this type of endeavor entails. To learn more, call us today.