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Water Heater Repair

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Water heaters that have sediment build-up on the bottom can become very noisy. As the burners heat the bottom of the tank, gas bubbles form under the sediment, the thumping and popping noises are created by the gas bubbles escaping from under the sediment. Proper maintenance can ‘flush’ the sediment out to make sure that you have your Peace and Quiet.
Energy Savings: Research shows that properly maintaned water heaters can reduce your energy costs by 12-15%.

What does at 14-point Inspection include?
•Combustion chamber care
•5-Point ionic leak detection
•Evaluation of sacrificial anode
•Sediment system flushing
•Thermocouple replacement
•Vent inspection
•Back draft testing
•Gas leak detection
•Check stabilization and balance
•Check tank expansion pressure
•Inspect emergency safety relief valve
•Aerator sediment removal
•Calibrate controls/pressure
•Test temperature and pressure release valve